Residential Tenancy Application

Each adult applicant (age 19 or older) must complete an application. Minor occupants (under the age of 19) are to be listed under Step 4 - Occupants.

Please complete all sections

Section 1 - Preferences
Desired Move-in Date
E.g., 10/15/2019
Section 2 - Applicant Information
Applicant Details
Date of Birth *
Current Address
Section 3 - Financial & References
Current Employer
Previous Employer

If Applicant is currently not working, is retired or is a student, we will ask for proof of your ability to pay in a form acceptable to the Landlord. If you are not a
Canadian Citizen, we will need to see your Passport and Visa as proof of your capacity to remain in the country for the full term of the Lease.

Section 4 - Occupants

List all other adult and/or minor occupants who intent to occupy the rental unit.

Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Section 5 - Applicant Statements & Consent

CONSENT: For purpose of determining whether this Application for Tenancy is acceptable, the Applicant consents to Westbank Projects Corporation (the "Landlord") obtaining credit, personal and employment information on the Applicant from one or more consumer reporting agencies and from other sources of such information. The Applicant authorizes the reporting agencies and any other person, including personnel from any government agency, to disclose relevant information about the Applicant to the Landlord. If this Application is accepted, the Applicant understands that the above information may also be used and disclosed for responding to emergencies, ensuring the orderly management of the tenancy and complying with legal requirements.

This Application does not form a "Tenancy". Subject to the Landlord's satisfactory review of this Residential Tenancy Application and the availability of a mutually acceptable unit, the Landlord and the Applicant will enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement.